Ariel`s Archives - clip 24 - Andi`s Huge Messy Quiz Show Gunging
Producer's Number aaclips-24 - Catalog Number vdo-05-0032

Andi plays a trivia quiz game with Ariel! Ariel asks her questions about food and she gets gunged with the answers! Ariel trashes her with a gallon of chocolate pudding, a sheet cake, gallon of milk, gallon of chocolate syrup, big bowl full of raw eggs, 5 Pet Ritz Pies--4 to the face and 1 to the tits, lots of squirty whipped cream, gallon of maple syrup and bowl of thick blue batter! It is an enormous gunging and she takes it like a champ, looking up at the mess and laughing and rubbing it on herself! Andi always enjoys a good gunging!

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